Who are UESI members?

  • Pipeline Designers, Engineers, Manufacturers, Technicians and Suppliers in the Water, Wastewater, and Oil and Gas Industries

  • Electrical and Communications System Designers & Engineers

  • Surveyors & Party Chiefs

  • Utility and Pipeline owners

  • Utility Asset Managers & Coordinators

  • Field and Maintenance Technicians

  • Pipeline Construction Contractors

  • Corrosion Control Engineers

  • Students

  • and many more!


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Membership in the Maryland Section Chapter is currently included with one of the following membership categories:

  • ASCE/UESI Individual Membership

  • Institute-only Membership

  • Student Membership

  • UESI Partner or Organizational Membership

ASCE/UESI Individual Membership:

Available to current ASCE members who select UESI as their primary or secondary Institute, as well as new ASCE members that select UESI as their primary Institute.

As an ASCE member, you have the opportunity to join one Institute at no additional cost, or add a second institute for just $30 per year.

Current/New Member of ASCE

Primary Institute - free; Secondary - $30

Institute-only Membership:

Available to individuals that would not necessary apply for ASCE membership (example: technicians, vendors (salespeople), and other non-engineers involved in utility and surveying practice). You don't have to be a member of ASCE to join UESI. UESI only membership is available for only $135 per year.

Student Membership:

Available to either undergraduate or graduate students enrolled in an engineering or technology program with an interest in the Institute’s focus. ASCE student membership comes with additional student benefits. Remember to renew your membership every year while you're still in school!

Free for current students!

UESI Partner or Organizational Membership:

Organizational Members and Partners would include associations, government agencies, organizations and companies engaged in planning, spatial data management, design, construction, materials supply, professional, technical, or educational aspects of the Institute. Organizational and Partner membership does not imply that all individuals of the organization/company are members of UESI.